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The only way I make progress in my Christian walk is by proving my faithfulness in the small things. Please download our app ( iPhone or Android) or visit us on Facebook for more periodical Life Principles from Pastor Connie Pack.

New Life Principles posted May 2018

Life Principles

Age is no barrier to serving  God; neither is it a guarantee of protection against temptation and tests.

My transformed life proves that I am a new creation in Him (truly” old things have passes away.”)

The world may not know my doctrine but it does know my conduct.

God’s will and purpose can change the very unlikely to the very significant.

Study of the Word and prayer go hand in hand.

I can be close to the presence and power of God, yet miss the message.  Daniel 10:7

The answer to prayer may be delayed so that God can train me to trust Him.   Daniel 10:12